Don't Leave Your First Line of Defense Damaged

Don't Leave Your First Line of Defense Damaged

We handle gutter repairs in Kalamazoo and Vicksburg, MI

Gutter damage can sneak up on a homeowner-one minute, you're watching TV on a rainy Sunday, and the next minute, there's a water patch on your wall. Damaged gutters can lead to insulation issues, siding damage and even mold growth.

Call Midwest Gutter Systems, LLC now, and an experienced worker will fix your gutters in Kalamazoo or Vicksburg, MI.

3 signs that you need to repair your gutters

It's not always easy to spot gutter damage. Sometimes a bad storm hits your home, and sometimes the years of use just wear them down. Here are three signs your gutters need professional help:

  1. If your gutters are cracked or split, even just a little, they'll need to be repaired before they leak water into your home.
  2. If they're sagging away from the edge of your roof, your gutters might be too heavy and may even need to be replaced.
  3. If you find water marks inside your home or down by your foundation, that's a sure sign your gutters are overflowing or leaking.

Midwest Gutter Systems can replace, repair or even upgrade your entire gutter system. Call us today, and we'll take care of the rest.